Five Star Tom


Tom Crosley-Thorne has written the music for and is acting in a new play
1972: Future of Sex which has enjoyed a sold out run at the Edinburgh Fringe and is currently half way through a national tour.

The Wardrobe Ensemble are telling the story of the class of 1972 with a live band and some Space Hoppers. A 90-minute romp through the ins and outs of those excellently awkward first sexual encounters.

Talking about taking the leap from musician to actor Tom says, “The role as actor/musician is challenging and exciting, but fundamentally it’s not too far from the band and gigging world. In many ways it’s simpler, being directed as how to stand, walk and play has really given me a sense of performing within limitations and has helped me to understand my performance capabilities.”


“An echo chamber of creativity…absolutely spot-on.”
A Younger Theatre ★★★★★

“The theatrical equivalent of popping candy: blissful, colourful, multi-sensory magic. ” 
Three Weeks ★★★★★

“The most exciting young company I have seen for quite a while.”
 The Times ★★★★

“It’s a sharp little show with a great soundtrack, and sees its characters grapple with acne, sausage casserole and sexual identity.”
The Guardian ★★★★ 

“Jaunty humour and vibrant, vivacious performances…This is not one to miss.” 
The Upcoming ★★★★

A Sort of Homecoming

It’s been a good month for CM graduate visits.
First we were joined by Aliya, Abz, Bruce and Toms Turner and Cory who talked about (respectively) working at Good Soldier Songs and launching a solo career, taking a Masters in Dance, life as President of the SU, being the Digital Manager at Guitar and Bass Magazine and how his dissertation helped him bag the job, and life with Bare Knuckle Parade (and how he was inspired by a visit from Sam Kennedy and Charlie Fowler to set his post-CM life in motion while he was still on the course).


Then the following week we were joined by the unstoppable Mike Dawes who talked about life after CM, income streams, signature models, plectrums and t-shirts, The Moody Blues and much, much more.

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Ben Knuckle Parade


It’s all change in the world of Bare Knuckle Parade.
Following a recent reshuffle the band was in need of a new keyboard player and looked to CM to find the right person for the job.
The result is that current 3rd Year Ben Lythe has joined the band and they are all busy rehearsing ahead of a year of gigs and an album release.
Songs have been recorded (with Peter Miles), video has been shot (with Daniel Broadley) and the gigs are being booked.
To keep up to speed on all things BKP you need click no further than here.

Take Me Out

Sam Maggs

Sam Maggs is the newly appointed Project Co-ordinator in Edinburgh and Midlothian for a project called Gig Buddies which is run by a charity called Thera (Scotland).
The project aims to pair people with learning disabilities with volunteers, to get them out to local gigs and events and giving them more of a nightlife.

The role requires Sam to set up a network between the Gig Buddies project and local venues and promoters. 

One of his 3rd Year projects at university had a very similar feel to it.
“Obviously my work with Jan (Phillips) last year doing Sound Of Mind Music helped a lot and I’m glad to be evidence that the Creative Enterprise module gets people jobs”.

We didn’t try to contact Mr Maggs for further comment as the new Star Wars film comes out today so it is fair to assume that he won’t be picking up his phone.

A soldier came marching along the high road


Joe Butcher has been hard at work writing songs for AsOne Theatre Company‘s “Tinderbox”, a re-imagining of the famous Hans Christian Andersen tale.

“Tinderbox” combines masks, puppetry, physical choreography and live music (the songs are played live on stage by the actors) to tell this story of fate, greed, hope and love.
The production has been touring the South West throughout October and November. You can still catch it at the Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth on the 4th and 5th of December.

“As a songwriter who has always been inspired by the atmosphere of theatre, I leapt at this opportunity. Traditional folk music will always be a genre that I inhabit naturally so working on this project was perfect for me to confidently tackle my first commission as a professional songwriter.
I would like to thank Jane McKell and Jacqueline Avery from AsOne Theatre for this incredible opportunity as well as my lecturers from the Bath Spa Commercial Music course, without whom I would never have developed the confidence and skills to complete this piece of work.”

Nuovo lavoro per la Braggion


Chaira Braggion has started an internship with Impressive PR (the London based company whose roster includes The Zombies, The Bluetones and Lisa Ronson and has in the past included Snow Patrol, Muse and Coldplay.)
As music assistant Chiara helps the senior publicists with their clients and her role includes gathering and sending out the clients’ press. “Sometimes I am also required to attend and feedback about our client’s and potential client’s gigs. I love this part of the internship”.