Breaking Bad

Bad Sounds are on the up. And Sam Hunt is on the bass.

Bad Sounds Press Shots 2016, Bath UK

This is what the Guardian says:

If you liked Beck when he was trying to be Prince rather than when he was trying to be Nick Drake and if you like 70s dance music with an 80s production gloss and a 90s baggy undercarriage that invites 60s-style exclamations of appreciation, then you’ll love Bad Sounds. Radio 1’s Annie Mac does – she made one of the band’s singles, Wages, hottest record in the world, and another, Avalanche, tune of the week. People are currently making their musical predictions for 2017. People are also currently complaining about the proliferation of musical predictions for 2017. Still, if you’re a betting type, the smart money is on Bad Sounds.

Which was nice.
And this is what Sam says:

“I was the last to join Bad Sounds but I had actually played with them whilst at Bath Spa, supporting their old band a few times. I always thought that I really wanted to be in their band, and hey ho they started something new and it happened!
I’m really into sampling and synthesizers and when I first went round to meet the band they had tons of gear like I did, so it all fitted. I think there are more Akai MPCs in the band than actual people, and there are 5 of us!
We practised a lot and did a lot of very bad shows in the beginning, like everyone does. More and more stuff got written and better songs came around, the set got stronger and then the BBC started to get interested. The “Introducing” folk helped to push the songs out to the broader radio waves, and after some videos and loads of shows, Annie Mac started to play us lots. We got an “Introducing” slot at Glastonbury and a few other cool opportunities, like an academy sized UK tour support slot. We did 2 final headline shows for 2016 in London and Bristol which both sold out, so yeah, it’s going alright. Hopefully next year will be even better.”



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