Oh, oh, oh it’s magic…

Sam Kennedy (ROMANS, Foxes) is fast-developing another career; as a magician.
Please see below for further evidence…


“Music has given me a lot of things over the last 10 years…I’ve traveled the world, made some best friends and am grateful that I have got to tick a lot of those ‘cool’ musical fun boxes. However, the most random thing music gave me was the time and inspiration to learn “Magic”. Not the White Rabbit, White Glove, Magic Wand and Cups and Balls kind – but the WTF you’ve unlocked my phone and read my mind, stolen my watch and boomeranged a card around my head kind.

I had a ‘right place, right time’ moment on tour with Coldplay this year, where Chris Martin asked me to open one of their stadium shows in the US with a 20 minute close-up magic show. He was even kind enough to introduce me on stage…which made me feel slightly better about the 24 hours notice I had to prepare the performance as a magician!”



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