Aaaand, she’s off!


Lil Patuck is the new “Research and Development Executive” at Music Ally.

Music Ally delivers information and training to labels, artists, DSPs, universities and publishing companies on digital technology, digital marketing, social media and all the latest news and developments across the digital spectrum.

“In my second year I was keen to do an internship over the Easter holidays so approached Nigel about it who told me that someone from Music Ally was coming in on that day to talk at our Music Think Tank lecture. So 2 hours later (after frantically Googling Music Ally) I was introduced to the guest speaker. He said they needed someone to come in and handle data, and I said “yeah, yeah sure! I love data!” After an interview in London I started interning two days a week, living out of a rucksack, staying on sofas and in creepy Airbnbs.”

Lil applied for the Cullum Family Award to fund her travel and accommodation, and got money to support the internship.

“I never would have survived without that. I would recommend anyone wanting to do something outside of university apply for this funding. John Cullum is a great guy and has an amazing grasp of how important it is to discover other avenues in the industry.”

After four months Lil was offered a part time job and worked 2 days per week throughout the third year (“which was incredibly difficult”) and now following graduation she has started a full-time role as “Research and Development Executive” where she coordinates events, research for training modules and writes articles on marketing platforms, startups and artist marketing campaigns.

“I’d worked really hard and become responsible for the projects I worked on, so it was amazing to know they trusted me to continue. The work is nerdy and meticulous, and I love it.”

In November she met with the London team of Sofar Sounds and was asked to found the first ever Sofar Sounds Bath, which involved managing a team and putting on secret gigs as part of a worldwide brand.

“I never would have got here with the CM course – and certainly not without their support and lenience with all the travel etc. It all started with a vague conversation in Nigel’s office about wanting to maybe be a music journalist, you know, something like that? And now I’m an adult with a grown up job.”

Lil will be a guest speaker at Music Think Tank in 2017.


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