Studio Of The Day

Jake Day

After graduating last year last Jake Day spent the next six months building a recording studio in Cambridgeshire.
North Acre Recording Studio is now open for business.

Jake designed and built the studio himself (with a lot assistant from his dad and the helping hands of a couple of other family members and friends).
The research used to write his dissertation during his final year at uni (The Rise of the Home Studio: Will home studios make professional studios obsolete and where does the line between home and professional studio cross over?) fed into his studio design and gave him the know how to create a space which is “a lot more that the average home studio”.

North Acre Recording Studio

CM Grads: Why did you do it?

Jake: I just wanted a studio, ya’know?

CM Grads: Start again.

Jake: I wanted to be able to continue recording and mixing music so the most immediate option was to build a space which would allow me to do that. I didn’t think it was going to turn out as cool as it has, and I’m really stoked that everyone who’s visited the studio so far has commented on how professional it looks and has been really impressed by the sound. I’m already planning phase two of the build and looking to convert the double garage next to the studio into a second live room which would give me enough space to record full band live sessions and continue Sound Cult Live the live sessions project I started with my two mates Charlie and Joe for our Creative Enterprise project in Year 3.
Commercial Music played a big part in shining a light on what I was most passionate about, and allowed me to spend endless hours in the studio honing my production skills which I can now continue to improve upon at North Acre.