Don’t just do something, sit there!

Bruce GalliverCM legend Bruce Galliver has been re-elected as SU President after a strong campaign that had one University of Bath blogger asking, “Can we vote for the SU President from Bath Spa instead?”

We had a word with Bruce shortly after the results were announced:

CM Grads: So, happy?

Bruce: Yes thanks! Very pleased to have been re-elected for a second year and glad I get to see through some more things that have been in their embryonic stages this year.
This job is basically a learning experience for the first 3 months or so; meeting about fifty or sixty university staff that turn out to be very important in the functioning of the whole place and I never knew existed, sitting on twelve different university committees, learning the whole business of writing papers and the meetings.
So. Many. Meetings.
I’ve experienced many situations that have been very new to me in this role and this has led to a whole new kind of skill set, so I’m glad I can continue to use what I’ve learned and I expect to be much more effective at this role in my second term. I just don’t want to leave really!

Bring Back Bruce

On Red Nose Day Bruce his head shaved for charity after spending the day in Commons taking donations and having helium balloons attached to his hair.
All proceeds go to Comic Relief. All of the hair is going to the Little Princess Trust.

You can still donate by visiting the “Bruce Goes Bald” fundraising page.

Top photo by Luke Watson.