Think of the exposure.

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Phil Maggs has just started work as a producer for Exposure (an integrated communications, digital, brand experience agency) that delivers one-off campaigns for clients such as Levi’s, Dr Martens, Netflix, Disney, De Beers, eBay, Schweppes, Thorpe Park and Jaeger.

“I’m a producer for Exposure which means I make events happen for clients like Nike, Microsoft and Coca-Cola and use my knowledge of the technical side of the industry to do weird and wonderful one-off things.”

Phil previously worked in special effects and is a pyrotechnics expert. In his last job he toured the world, lighting and blowing up stages for acts such as Muse, Pink, Biffy Clyro and Monty Python, as well as being the person behind the casting of the Olympic rings at the opening ceremony in 2012.

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