Million Hit Mike

On June 19th 2012 Mike Dawes put a video of his solo arrangement of “Somebody That I Used To Know” on YouTube. He has just got his millionth hit.

Here are some extracts of an interview with Mike (a week after the video went up) talking about how recording this one song changed his life.

CM Grads: A lot of people have watched your video – what effect has this had on your career?

Mike: A huge effect…my inbox has been overflowing with all kinds of weird and wonderful things including global tour offers, being invited to feature on my favourite childhood band’s new album and arranging for a West End musical. It’s been a completely ridiculous week.
The main thing I guess is that so many doors instantly opened. Suddenly all these agents around the world want to book me…plus Gotye reposted the video with some nice words.
Financially, sales have been great and there are all these different revenue streams coming in (Adsense, TAB/MP3 sales, Bookings, Tuition, Old CD sales etc) that have enabled me to go full-time music geek.

In short, it has changed my life and career dramatically in a 100% positive way.

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